School Leaders

Castletown Primary School is developing and encouraging student leadership opportunities for our senior students.


Our School Councillors for 2023 are Marli Browning, Danielle Knox, Maddelyn Sinagra, William Wright, Kyle Durrant, Macy McLaren, Beau Sylva, Oskar Graham, Chelsea Richardson, and Sadie Witt.    





For Sports related activities, Castletown Primary School has Faction Captains. These students assist Mr Pansini (our Sports Teacher) with events such as the Athletics Carnival, Swimming Carnival and our new Whole School Sports Program.


Our Faction Captains for 2023 are:


Challenger (Blue) - Brody Oliver, Micheal Nguyen, and Chelsie Harvey.


Cygnet (Gold) - Braxton Gilbert, Olive Shillington, and Shari Rose.


Parmelia (Green) - Coby Guest, Ollie Pietsch, and Alyrah Stokes.


Success (Red) - Liam Schultz, Isabella Major, and Olivia Beardsmore.



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