Principal's Message

Welcome to Castletown Primary School,


We're absolutely delighted to have you and your family join our vibrant school community which is built on a foundation of inclusivity, care, and friendliness, where everyone is valued and respected, irrespective of their abilities or backgrounds. Our vision is simple but powerful: 'Inspire, Educate, Succeed.' It's not just a mantra; it's our daily commitment to ensuring each student's journey is filled with inspiration, educational growth, and ultimately, success.


We offer a diverse range of learning programs, ensuring that every student develops the knowledge and skills to become confident, independent learners. From specialised programs in Art, Science, Physical Education, Indonesian and Technologies, to our focus on Numeracy and Literacy. We provide students with a balanced approach to learning, ensuring students are engaged, motivated, and involved in the educative process. As a school aiming to always improve, we implement, and embed researched, contemporary, whole-school approaches and practices.


Literacy and the Science of Reading is currently the focus at Castletown PS as we work towards developing, implementing, and embedding an evidence-based Literacy Program across all year levels. The program has an emphasis on Reading, Spelling, Phonics and Writing. Staff have high expectations, explicitly teaching content and enabling our students to reach their potential. The Early Childhood teachers and Education Assistants work collaboratively to raise Literacy and Numeracy standards whilst focusing on all aspects of child development providing opportunities to learn through hands-on processes and structured, purposeful play.


Our School Expectations and Positive Behaviour Management processes instill values of respect and concern for others among our students, fostering a community where everyone's rights are recognized. We prioritize the social and emotional well-being of our students and strongly believe in the importance of their voices in shaping our school community.


Our teaching staff is a highly motivated and professional team, working collaboratively to enhance the learning experience for every student. We understand the importance of a strong partnership between school and home, and we encourage your active involvement in your child's educational journey. The Parents and Citizens (P&C) community at Castletown is an essential part of our school's success, contributing to various aspects such as the canteen service, uniform shop, and fundraising efforts that enhance our educational resources, while our School Board plays a crucial role in governance, providing valuable advice and support to ensure our school operates efficiently and effectively. Together, we work towards a shared vision of success for every student striving together to achieve the outcomes set out within our 2023 - 2026 Business Plan.



We look forward to building a strong, supportive, and professional relationship with you and your family.  


Warm regards,


David Vooght-Simpson



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