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Welcome to Castletown Primary School. At Castletown our parents and carers volunteer for the P & C because we can see the value of being engaged and being a part of our child’s education. We want the best for our child and many of us can see that volunteering is also showing our children how to make a positive contribution to our community.


We volunteer to raise funds for items that our students would otherwise not have. So, it might be supplying end of year book awards and teacher stickers, helping fund the football goals or paying for new furniture in one of the senior classrooms. In the past we have also supplied sports equipment and library books, electronic tablets for Early Childhood and helped fund playground equipment. Parents also attend busy bees.


We encourage all parents and carers to volunteer. We would love to have you attend our meetings to help make decisions.  If you can’t make the meetings that is ok! You can receive meeting minutes and provide input straight back to the Secretary or President, rather than attend the meetings. You can keep in touch through the P&C Facebook page. Some parents can assist only at busy bees, at sausage sizzles or by baking for the cake stall, while others are willing to share their time by working on a P&C activity such as an hour at the book fair, a shift at the uniform shop, helping with school banking or putting together lunches in the school canteen. Others may donate food items to the canteen as well. It all counts.


Throughout the year we will put a call out for volunteers. This is a great opportunity to meet and work alongside other parents in your child’s class or year group. It’s not just the students who embark on this eight-year journey through Castletown! Whatever your reason for volunteering, remember that your contribution will improve our school and the community surrounding it. For more information please contact the President on CastletownPandC@gmail.com.


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