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2019 Castletown Primary School Board


"The School Board works with the school community to achieve the best outcomes for students.  It plays an important role in contributing to good school governance so that school resources are used efficiently and community expectations and the school's priorities reflect the needs of students." (Department of Education WA, 2018)



School Board Chair-person and Parent Representative


Mrs Tania Wright


I believe education is a lifelong journey, piecing together formal and informal lessons with the ultimate aim of producing happy, resilient people who are motivated to make positive life choices. Castletown Primary School provides the foundations to the formal education process for our kids that facilitate their continued learning, and through my position on the Board I hope to support the school to ensure those foundations are strong.


I hold a Bachelor of Business (Accounting and Finance) and a Diploma in Financial Planning, work as an accountant and have two sons at Castletown Primary School. 




Principal and School Representative







Mr Colin Brand   



Associate Principals and School Representatives




Mrs Lesley Mather (Dip.Ed)  - currently on leave


I joined Castletown Primary School as a teacher in 1998. I have had a range of educational experiences, having worked in teaching and administration in a variety of rural schools.

As one of the Associate Principals at Castletown Primary School, I oversee the Strategic Plan, the Literacy Operational Plan and the Upper School as part of my key responsibilities. Nominated for the NEITA Award and achieving WA classroom teacher level three status for highly accomplished teachers, I am a committed professional who believes in learning communities in which the child, parent and school work in an ongoing, committed partnership. I am married to Paul, who is also in the Education field and we have two daughters, both of whom are teachers.

Mrs Julie Fetherston - Curriculum Deputy

I am a new member of the board, temporarily filling Mrs Mather's place on the board whilst she is on leave.  I have been a member of staff since moving back to Esperance in 2010.  I am a former student of Castletown Primary School and my two boys spent most of their primary school education at Castletown Primary School.

My role at the school in 2019 is that of Curriculum Deputy and I help lead the school in the implementation of whole school approaches to Literacy and Numeracy.  I have also led the implementation of ICT and the technologies curriculum in the school for the past two years.  I am a dedicated professional committed to improving student outcomes, both academically and through health and well-being.

Vice-Chairman and Parent Representative



Mrs Marnie Fels        


I joined the School Board in Term 1, 2014 and I am currently the Vice-Chair, having been the Chair for the previous three years. I have been a part of the Castletown Primary School community since 2010 when my eldest child started kindergarten. I now have two children at the school, Coen in Year 6 and Destiny in Year 5. My eldest child Eloise is now at High School.


I am a qualified Chemical Engineer, but for the last 25 years I have been managing the administration and finances in a farming partnership with my husband Mick. I really enjoy working with parents and staff on the school board and I am looking forward to a productive year in 2018, as we focus our efforts on completing the master plan of the School’s Building and Infrastructure, investigate resourcing additional educational support and reviewing the results of the 2018 Youth Resilient Survey and implementing strategies to strengthen our students’ resilience.


Secretary and Parent Represtentative


Mrs Clara Graham  


I’m a journalist who fell in love with a farmer and am now growing grain and raising three busy boys on a farm 50 km from town.  Oskar is in year two, Ted is in kindy and Louis will start school in 2019. I believe I bring a fresh perspective to the Board - being fairly new to the school world as a parent. I'm eager to represent the interests of the local community and ‘farming families’ but also to contribute with my own international schooling experience  - having lived and attended schools in Sweden, France and Australia (which I’ve called home since the age of 15.) My husband Jake is an Esperance man - born and bred - and also a Castletown alumni. I’ve always been passionate about education and enjoy new challenges. I’m reliable and hard working with a keen interest in sports, writing, photography and gardening.



Parent Representatives



Mrs Janet Durrant  


I am the P&C Representative for 2018 on the Castletown Primary School Board. My two children are in Year 2 and Year 4. I have qualifications in Business, Frontline Management, Career Development and Governance.  I am currently completing my final year of a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and undertake administration and bookkeeping for my husband’s cabinetmaking business. I am passionate about the future of our school for the benefit of our children



Mr Leon Guest   


I joined the Castletown School Board in 2017 as a parent representative and have two boys attending the school and a third starting next year. I'm also a former student, attending in 1986 and 87. I'm a partner in a family farming business. I look forward to contributing ideas and helping make decisions with the board, particularly in the health and well being area, that keeps the school trending upwards.



Mrs Sonya Hennessy  


I joined the school Board in 2018 and hope to support our school with positive changes and to ensure that our children are given the best opportunities through education, support and well being. I have been part of the Castletown Primary School community since 2009 when my eldest daughter Molly, started kindergarten and is now in year 8 at Esperance Senior High School, we also have two other daughters Jessie and Bronte, who are in Year 5 and Year 3.


Both my husband and I grew up in Esperance and have lived out at Cape Le Grand National Park for the last 12 years, we consider ourselves very fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the world.


I have a background in working with children and am currently completing my Certificate III in Education Support, I am also a professional photographer with my own business, which I have been doing for the last 8 years. I was previously Vice Chair for the Festival of the Wind committee in 2014 through to 2017, which I found rewarding as a volunteer representing the Esperance community. Working with like minded people who have the same vision is very inspiring and motivating and I look forward to bringing this to our school Board.


Staff Representatives



Ms Shaneen Coupar  


I joined Castletown Primary in 2017. I have 38 years’ experience in education having taught from pre-primary to year 7, administration, specialist and support roles in both country and city schools.


I am excited about being the staff member on the school board. I believe I make a difference and I am excited about my future at Castletown Primary.

My partner and I moved to Esperance in 2017 from Mandurah for a country town sea change and plan to retire here.

Mr Ashley Weckert             

In 2018, I started my second term as a staff member of Castletown PS School Board. Having taught in the education system for 13 years and at Castletown PS since 2008, I feel I bring a wealth of experience to the School Board. I have taught mainly in the upper primary years, with a role in Phys Ed for 2 years across Pre-Primary to Year 6.   I look forward to working again with the School Board members to give strategic direction to Castletown Primary and support the delivery of a quality education to our students.




Mrs Wendy Weckert                

I have served on CPS Council since 2010 as a teacher Representative.  I have been teaching PrePrimary/Year1 in the Early Childhood area at Castletown Primary School since 1998. My role in the school is a Kindy Classroom Teacher.  The skills I bring to the School Board are my experience, knowledge and passion for Early Childhood Education. 




Department of Education Western Australia, 2018, accessed 25th May 2018, 

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