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After 4 weeks of school, our attendance rate across Kindy to Year 6 sits on our Strategic Target of 95%. Congratulations, to our Year 3’s, which currently have the highest attendance rate at 97.5%. Did you know that when a student’s attendance falls below 90%, they are at educational risk? Absences from school need to be explained and parents can inform the school through our Updat-ed App, website or communication to the school. We currently have 11.6% of absences from school as unexplained and teachers will be following up with respective parents.


Behaviour Management and the Virtues Project

The start to the year at Castletown Primary has been fantastic from our students, with positive displays of behaviour everywhere. With a number of changes in the routine at school, including moving year levels to new classroom, new play areas  and the restructure of classes at the end of week one, our Staff have support our students extremely well to engage successfully at school. Students are displaying a wide range of the Virtues our school aims to awaken within our children. Respect is a focus Virtue across the different phases of learning in term 1. At the first School Assembly next Friday, we will draw the first tickets from the Virtues ticket Boxes. Teachers award students with a ticket for displaying Virtues in the classroom and in the playground. Students will be awarded a prize from the new Virtues Prize Box.


There is no tolerance for inappropriate behaviour that disrupts the safety and learning environment for students. There have been 6 suspensions so far this year and each has provided an opportunity for the school to engage with families to create better outcomes for our students. Teachers are making every effort to ensure students are supported to be safe and engaged at school.

WA Public School Leadership Strategy 2018 - 2021

On Thursday, I attended this professional development with Principals and Leaders from across the Esperance district. This strategy sets out the rationale, guiding principles, scope and major initiatives over the next four years. This opportunity provided me with a fantastic opportunity for growth as a leader and strengthened my relationships with colleagues in the Esperance district. It also gave strong affirmation for the direction our Principal, Mr Brand, has for Castletown PS.



In a nutshell, schools led by highly effective principals are especially successful in identifying and meeting the needs of all students. In these schools the principal leads a school-wide commitment to a single, deep-seated moral purpose: to see every student learning successfully and working toward their potential. The principal regards this as the core mission of the school and this commitment drives and guides all aspects of their work.

Mr Weckert
Deputy Principal - Student Services


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