Year 5-6 POL News

The Year 6 councillors were announced after their applications were successfully accepted, with Ben Gibson, Mia Walter, Emily Crawley, Lloyd Henderson, Isaac Francis, Molly Pechar and Lylah Heather becoming our school leaders for 2019.

After writing to a selection criteria to nominate to be a Faction Captain, this week the Year 5 and 6’s will vote on the short-listed nominees in their respected factions.

In Term 1, Year 5 classes are studying and writing persuasive and narrative texts, and Year 6’s narratives. Both years are also observing, researching, investigating and inquiring in their History, Civics and Citizenship and Earth and Space Science units. Additionally, instrumental students will also be participating in instructional music lessons once a week with Miss Lemon (brass) and Miss Starcevich (clarinet, flute and classical guitar).

Year 5 students in Room 11 recording the value of each blocked out pentomino in ascending order using a 100s grid.

Miss Tonkin
Year 5 Teacher

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