Principal's Message

Classrooms are peaceful, students are engaged and where appropriate, students and parents are being supported with matters around attendance, behaviour, curriculum access and specific risk factors. I have welcomed the opportunity to engage with families during this very hectic first 4 weeks of school.

: That our school again had the pleasure of engaging with Scitech to provide unique learning experiences was just fabulous! More than 90% of our students were supported by their families to attend and we thank you for that.

Year 5/6 Students at the Scitech Show

Student Councillors: My sincere thanks to School Board members Mrs Wright and Mr Guest, as well as Deputy Principal Mr Weckert for working with me to select, on merit, our Student Councillors for 2019. The Selection Panel have chosen the following students to represent and lead our K-6 students this year: Molly Pechar, Emily Crawley, Lylah Heather, Mia Walter, Jack Hallam, Lloyd Henderson, Isaac Francis and Ben Gibson.

Our Year 6 Student Councillors with Mr Brand

We congratulate our new leaders and are passionate about supporting them, as a leadership team, to contribute amazing things to our school this year.

Next Wednesday the Councillors will attend a Leaders’ Conference with Councillors from neighbouring schools and will then plan to host a similar day here in Term 2. Best wishes Team and we look forward to presenting each of you with your badges at the Assembly next Friday.

P&C News: It has been a delight to work with and support the P&C to merit select a new Canteen Manager and also to establish a Committee to plan for and develop exciting nature play opportunities at Castletown PS. The enthusiasm and commitment of parents is very exciting and we can expect significant benefits to flow quickly to the school as a result – watch this space as the P&C are really keen for your valued ideas and suggestions.

P&C Nature Play Committee Members - Hailee Schmidt, Larissa Bower and Suzie Styles 
P&C Nature Committee Members - Hailee Schmidt, Larissa Bower, Suzie Styles, Greg Bower and Fiona Ryan.

School Board
: This week, another 5 members of the Board attended a full day of induction and training and this complements and supplements the opportunity 9 members had for the same in 2018.

The School Board is the critical interface between our school and the community. This relationship is most effective when Board members understand their role within the school’s governance structure and how to get the most from it.

Items on the agenda for the next School Board meeting on 13 March include; Board Performance Review, 2019 School Budget, key directions in the School’s 2017-19 Business Plan and policy development including Dress Code, Managing Student Behaviour and Healthy Eating.

Colin Brand


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