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During the school holidays 22 of our staff attended Professional Learning (PL) in Perth about Promoting Literacy Development (PLD).  The PLD Literacy PL provides a whole school program to improving Literacy outcomes through a consistent approach to phonics, spelling, oral language, reading and writing.  Staff members attended sessions on different days targeting the year levels they are teaching this year.  In March, 4 teachers who were unable to attend the Professional Learning during the holidays will attend the same PL in Perth. All our Education Assistants have also participated in online seminars to develop their own understanding of the PLD program.  

The PLD Literacy approach allows teachers to easily assess students' understanding of phonics and spelling, identify areas requiring further learning and track students' progress throughout the year.  In the Early Years it is based upon a synthetic phonics approach as advocated by the Department of Education.  
For more information about the Promoting Literacy Development Program click here.
On Wednesday 27th February and Thursday 28th February we have engaged Scitech to come to Castletown to provide an exciting incursion consisting of a show and a follow-up workshop for students from K-6. 

Our K-3 students will be participating in the Mix and Make Show and Workshop whilst our Year 4-6 will be participating in the Elements of Surprise Show and Workshop.  Details regarding this incursion were sent home via email, including the cost of $6 per child to be paid by Friday 22nd February.  If you have not recieved the email please contact the school to confirm your contact details.

On Monday, 25th February, after school, all our teachers will be attending Professional Learning presented by Scitech staff in regards to the STEM Learning Projects - an educational program for K-10 students funded by the Department of Education and developed by a consortium including SCITECH, Educational Computing Association of WA (ECAWA), Mathematics Association of WA (MAWA) and Science Teachers Association of WA (STAWA).

Our Pre-primary students will be participating in the On-Entry Assessment from next week.  Pre-Primary Teachers will be released from their classes to work one-on-one with students to completed this mandated assessment of Literacy and Numeracy skills.  The information from the assessment will help teachers to plan effectively for their students in Literacy and Numeracy.  Parent will be informed of their child's results once the assessment is completed.   For more information about the On-Entry Assessment click here.

NAPLAN Online Preparation
Our Year 3 and Year 5 teachers have started implementing programs to prepare their students for the NAPLAN Online.  All NAPLAN assessments (except the Year 3 writing) will be completed online in Term 2, 2019.  Students have been supported to become familiar with the online nature of the assessment and develop the ICT skills to be able to navigate and complete the assessment confidently.  Click here for more information about NAPLAN online and how you can help your child prepare for it.

In 2019, our assemblies will be occurring on Friday mornings commencing at 8.50 am.

As per last year, there will be a Junior (PP-2), Senior (Year 3-6 including Room 2, Year 2/3) and Whole School (pp-6) Assemblies throughout each term.  Classes that host the assembly will invite parents back to the classroom for a shared morning tea after their assembly.

In term 1 the assemblies will be:
Week 5 - Senior Assembly - Friday 8th March hosted by Room 9, Year 6.
Week 7 - Junior Assembly - Friday 22nd March hosted by Room 3, Year 2.
Week 9 - Whole School Assembly - Friday 5th April hosted by Room 21, Year 6.
Week 10 - Whole School ANZAC Day Assembly hosted by our Student Leaders.

Julie Fetherston
Deputy - Curriculum

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