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Attending school regularly is very important. Castletown Primary School has a target of 95% attendance in our School Business Plan. In the first fortnight of school this year we have achieved 95.37% attendance from Kindy to Year 6. Student absences from school must be recorded and an explanation will be followed up. Parents can notify the school of student absences using the UpDat-ed App, school website or through communication to classroom teachers or office. We currently have a number of unexplained absences.


Classroom Policies

All Teacher, including Specialists, are developing a Classroom Policy that outlines the day to day running of their classroom. Within these policies, teachers will outline the whole school approach of 1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching used to create positive learning environments in our school. Teachers have negotiated ‘start’ and ‘stop’ behaviours with their students to develop their understanding of appropriate behaviour for learning in the school environment. The desire to ensure there a consistent approach across the school will foster the development of positive learning environments. Teaching staff will notify parents in a timely manner if students are regularly displaying ‘stop’ behaviours.

Classroom meetings for teachers to discuss their Class Policy will be coordinated in the next fortnight.


Students At Educational Risk (SAER)

Castletown Primary School has in place processes to support students at educational risk. As the Students Services Coordinator, I will be working with agencies to get the best outcomes for students at our school in 2019. Our school nurse, Nikee Tierney, has started engagement with our Kindy cohort and will commence School Entry Health Assessment form 1st March. We have the EarBus Foundation of WA visiting on 19th February, providing free ear checks for aboriginal children. Our new School Psychologist, Zoe Robson, is supporting students and families who already have a referral in place for 2019. Zoe will be working at Castletown PS 3 days a week in 2019.

Mr Ashley Weckert
Deputy - Student Services

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